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PARETO WEALTH understands your commitment to families, business, and/or company bosses. You work for your entire life. No one cares about you at the age of retirement, but we do so now make some plans on how to retire in peace without worrying about finances.

PARETO WEALTH has a plan to guide the best path to invest now and see results in retirement time. Your savings will help you at the age of your retirement.

1- Planning to retire?

Before you decide how you handle your retirement income, you’ll have to ask yourself some questions about your retirement goals. And we’re here to help you answer them.

2- Transition to retire

The Government policy called Transition to Retirement (TTR) offers you flexibility with these choices. Once you reach Preservation Age, you can supplement your salary with a First Super Transition to Retirement Allocated Pension.
You may also be able to minimize your tax obligation and boost your super before you retire fully.

3- Pension Fund

A pension fund is also known as a superannuation fund. This amount will be paid at the age of your retirement, the decision will be taken according to your income, assets, and services performed in a company. If you are unsure about what is best for you, you may like to seek advice from our Financial Planner. They’ll assess your situation, discuss your goals and help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Plan for a goal, talk to a planner...

We understand that starting up a pension isn’t just a decision about money. It’s an important lifestyle choice that often comes with a lot of questions. The biggest question often is, how can I maintain the comfort and security of a regular income in retirement?

To get rid of all answers, talk to Pareto Wealth financial advisors.

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What does Islamic-pension look like?


The Islamic pension fund works in a similar manner as a conventional fund except that the Islamic pension fund only deploys funds in Shariah-Compliant investments. 

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